Google Docs

Google Docs

Many of your students are using Google Docs to create their assignments. Google Docs functions like other word processor such as Word, and it can load Word documents and save files in the Word format. You can type documents, insert images from your computer or search the web from inside your document for an image that you may need for your assignment.

For example, if you want to insert a picture from your computer in your open document, click on the word “Insert” at the top of the page, then click on “Image” and then “Upload from computer”. The Pictures folder on your computer will open and you can select a picture, or you can browse your computer for one.

 You can also use your computer’s web camera to take a picture of yourself and insert it directly into your document. As before, click on “Insert” at the top of the page then click on “Image” and this time choose “Camera”. Your web camera may ask you to give permission to access it. You will see your smiling face on the screen. Click the camera icon to take the picture and select “Insert” to put it in your document. If you want to try again, select “Cancel”.

You can search the web for an image directly from your document. As before, “Insert”, “Image” and this time select “Search the web”. A google search engine will display. Type in what you want a picture of, “Dogs” for example. You can select one or more images to use. Be aware of copywrite protections on images that you select from the web.

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