Safety in the Tech World

Hi everyone, first I’d like to introduce myself to those I’ve not met.  I’m going to be your new tech person when Robert and Edie move east.  I’ve been working with Robert for the past six months or so and have met many of you already.  I’m really looking forward to working with you on your tech needs.  Thanks to the fantastic Highway Shopper team for being so welcoming and allowing me to continue this weekly article!

With everyone working from home and social distancing, our computers have become extremely important tools in our lives. Now more than ever you need your computer to be running in tip top shape. You may be concerned that with our Stay Home Stay Healthy directive that you won’t be able to get the repairs that you need.

I wanted to assure you that ComputerFAQ is here to serve you, safely.  I’m happy to try and answer your questions in email or on the phone and if it’s something I can walk you through virtually, I will.  If I need to come out to your home and the problem is something that I can pickup your computer and take it to my home office to work on, then that is the preferred method to keep us all safe.  If the problem is something that needs to be addressed inside of your home, such as a network issue, I will do so, and keep the necessary personal distance from you and use sanitary measures such as gloves and if necessary a mask.

Finally, I wanted to introduce you to my new ComputerFAQ blog.  I will try to address common issues here and give you some fun web sites to check out while you are stuck at home.  You can find the blog at:   I hope you will check it out and send me feedback on what you think and anything you would like to see included.

With that I wish you all a safe week.

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